The Friends of Concord Carlisle Wrestling, Inc. (FOCCW) is a non-profit organization presenting the Concord Carlisle Youth Wrestling club (CCYW) and is affiliated with the Massachusetts Wrestling Association & USA Wrestling.

The club is funded by a portion of each member's registration fee as well as other fundraising efforts.


CCYW was created to introduce amateur folk style wrestling to students grades 4-8. Volunteer coaches intend to develop young wrestlers in a competitive wrestling environment, to prepare youth wrestlers to compete, to equip the wrestlers with the skills to overcome challenges, and to act as a feeder program for the CCHS wrestling team.


With the assistance of the high school varsity wrestlers (mentors), CCHS alumni & varsity coaches teach youth wrestlers the basic skills & discipline needed to succeed and compete. At CCYW we focus on the fundamentals of 'folkstyle' wrestling while introducing other moves & exercises to prepare young wrestlers for a career in a competitive atmosphere.

Wrestler will not 'fall behind' if they miss a practice.


4th-8th grade students

*3rd graders will be considered upon request

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - Beginners & experienced wrestlers welcome

Those who are interested in a soft introduction are always welcome to view/watch a couple of practices.


Wrestlers should wear athletic shorts or sweatpants (preferably no pockets), a t-shirt, and headgear at practice.

Wrestling shoes are recommended

Some wrestlers will require a Hair Net or a mouth guard (primarily for braces) for competitions.

Shoes are not required in practice, they help with agility and will be required in competition.

Missing headgear will not keep a wrestler off the mat, but should be worn during drills, live wrestling, and competitions.