Other Fundraising

Much of our fundraising earns the wrestlers some popular gear/clothing it also helps pay for other items like team lunches, additional coaching, banquet events, and for off-season clubs/camps for those who cannot afford it.

Each wrestler has an individual goal which will earn them an article of clothing, while we also have a team goal to help everyone earn even more 'stuff'. Purchasing popcorn or donations will all count towards the team goal - anything you are willing to contribute is greatly appreciated.

This year's fundraiser is run through the wefund4u website where folks can order popcorn online to be delivered anywhere in the continental united states. This years' campaign will end in December 21st, 2021 so please act quickly.

You can find the fundraiser through this link:


Donations are always accepted and may be considered a tax write-off because 'The Friends of Concord Carlisle Wrestling, Inc.' is a 501C3 non-profit.

To donate, folks can write checks payable to the 'Friends of Concord Carlisle Wrestling' (or FOCCW) and be mailed to the address below.

- Venmo is also accepted: @FOCCW-and-Amy-Mestancik

Mailing Address


135 Indian Hill

Carlisle, MA 01741