Other Fundraising

Much of our fundraising earns the wrestlers some popular gear/clothing it also helps pay for other items like team lunches, additional coaching, banquet events, and for off-season clubs/camps for those who cannot afford it.

Each wrestler has an individual sales/donation goal which will earn them an article of clothing, while we also have a team goal to help everyone earn even more 'stuff'. Purchasing popcorn or donations will all count towards the team goal - anything you are willing to contribute is greatly appreciated.


Donations are always accepted and may be considered a tax write-off because 'The Friends of Concord Carlisle Wrestling, Inc.' is a 501C3 non-profit.

To donate, folks can write checks payable to the 'Friends of Concord Carlisle Wrestling' (or FOCCW) and be mailed to the address below.

Venmo is also accepted: @FOCCW-and-Amy-Mestancik

Mailing Address


135 Indian Hill

Carlisle, MA 01741